How is non-alcoholic wine prepared?

You may have got to know the existence of alcohol-free drinks from your friends. This beverage tastes just like alcohol-based wine, but without the negative aspects associated with it. If you plan to avoid alcohol, then such beverages are undoubtedly the best option to choose. This is likely to increase your curiosity further. You may want to know more about it, its preparation techniques, how safe it is, etc.
What is Semblance?
Depending on the country you reside, the terms dealcoholized, alcohol-free and non-alcoholic has slight different meanings. It means that there is no to very little alcohol content in the wine, which by volume is around 0.0% alcohol! According to the industry experts, preparing alcohol-free drink is quite similar to that regular wine.

Non-Alcoholic Wine Preparation process
If alcohol is taken out of wine, is it then grape juice? No, the answer is somewhat complicated. The preparation process firstly is not much different than regular wine. The type of grapes harvested determines the wine’s flavour, sweetness and acidity. They are delivered to the winery to be sorted into bunches. Then, they get run through destemmer, crushed by mechanical pres to increase wine longevity and sanitation quality.
Fermentation process is the next part undertaken, where sugar content present in grape juice gets converted to alcohol. Juice ferments naturally in 6-12 hours. Commercial winemakers however, include commercial yeast to enhance consistency. Fermentation process might last around 10 days to a month or even more depending on wine type.
Similar to regular wine, non-alcoholic type undergoes aging process, based on the wine type to produce. Wine flavours are intensified with aging. It is performed in different ways like from stainless steel tanks, bottles and oak barrels, aging type and time taken to influence wine taste and quality produce. Non-alcoholic type is less sugary when compared to grape juice. However, it comes with same great complexity and flavours.
It is here that non-alcoholic type and grape juice differs. The latter is considered to be unfermented juice that is sourced from grapes. On the other hand, the non-alcoholic variety undergoes similar aging and fermentation process. But during the final states, alcohol content is removed. Hence, it is less sugary, but having similar complexity and flavours like alcohol wine. Winemakers use two methods to remove alcohol namely, filtration and distillation.
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